Friday, March 18, 2011

Violent Tina

Hello friends!

This is Violent Tina, and she's looking for a new home!

She is an SBL violetina

Her customizations:

Pastel faceup sealed with MSC
Carved, colored and glossed lips
Vampire fangs
Etched Lid designs
Sleep eyes with hot pink jelly twiggy pull rings
4 new sets of eyechips
Boggle & Gaze correction
Bangs cut

She was adopted by ulimimi!!

View more pictures of her HERE.

Thank you for looking! ♥

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

frankieDARLING custom "Cadbury"

Hi friends!

This is Cadbury, she is an SBL Easter girl made from parts.

Her customizations:
Faceup done in pastels sealed w/MSC
Lips carved, colored and glossed
New lashes
Haircut (Not by me)
Gaze Correction
Lower lashes and freckles
Sleep eyes with green twiggy pull rings
Bunny painted on lid by Rabbitine/milktooth

She was adopted by bramlet6, thanks so much Rebecca for taking this girl home!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Custom Commission Form

Custom Commission Form

*Please copy/paste this and fill it out in a message to me titled: Custom Commission form*

Your real name, first & last:

Doll type:

Doll name:

Previous customizations of doll:

Face up (be as detailed as possible):

Lip carving (yes/no):

Gaze Correction (yes/no):

Boggle (yes/no):

Eyelid color/art:

Brainworm eye chips (color name or #):

Hand painted eye chips (Color requests):

Sleep eyes w/twiggy pull rings (Color requests):

Vampire teeth (yes/no):

Piercing (placement):

Haircut: (Style & Link)

Hair Dye Color:

Nylon reroot color:

If you do not want something on the list please write "no" instead of leaving it blank so I know it wasn't accidentally skipped.

Feel free to add links to my dolls and others so I can get a better image of what you have in mind.

Thank you!