Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Custom Commission Form

Custom Commission Form

*Please copy/paste this and fill it out in a message to me titled: Custom Commission form*

Your real name, first & last:

Doll type:

Doll name:

Previous customizations of doll:

Face up (be as detailed as possible):

Lip carving (yes/no):

Gaze Correction (yes/no):

Boggle (yes/no):

Eyelid color/art:

Brainworm eye chips (color name or #):

Hand painted eye chips (Color requests):

Sleep eyes w/twiggy pull rings (Color requests):

Vampire teeth (yes/no):

Piercing (placement):

Haircut: (Style & Link)

Hair Dye Color:

Nylon reroot color:

If you do not want something on the list please write "no" instead of leaving it blank so I know it wasn't accidentally skipped.

Feel free to add links to my dolls and others so I can get a better image of what you have in mind.

Thank you!

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