Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hi guys!

Yay! My blog looks less lame, I didn't realize how horrible it looked until I saw the beautiful Melly Kay's blog! So I asked her a few questions and she got me started. I think it's looking much better in here and I hope it's a little more user friendly too!

Also, I again want to remind everyone that I do take trades for custom work. I'm trying to get a few extra girls together to customize and sell at Blythecon 2011 here in Portland, OR.

Speaking of blythecon, I am donating a sailor themed RBL to the Blythecon 2011 raffle, so that is very exciting! I'll have some sneak peeks of her starting after the new year!

I'm now starting my fourth year of blythe collecting and I want to thank all of you for being an amazing community to be apart of, thank you! ♥


  1. Haha!! I thought the same thing when I saw Melly's blog! I was so blown away by it I had to ask her how she did it! Anyway, yours looks great! : )

  2. Thank you! Yes, Melly's blog is SO cute!